Below you'll find a few of the projects I've worked on. Each project page features a high-level overview of the project itself, with a few highlighted elements that I worked on directly. If you're interested in the technical details, click through to view breakdowns of each of the highlighted points as well as source code and executables.

Professional Work

Overviews of project I've worked on in a professional capacity. Since this work is generally confidential, I focus on high-level overviews of my work rather than technical details and source code.

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Gemma's Great Gambit

Team Project / Unity / C#

A platform puzzler in which you use your mouse to open portals to an alternate world. Built in four months for the capstone course of the University of Alberta's Certificate in Computer Game Development.

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Solo Project / Custom Engine / C++

A top-down shoot-'em-up in which you attach the hulls of defeated enemy spacecraft to your ship, using them as both weapons and armor. Still a work-in-progress, but with some interesting technology already in place.

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