Professional Work

Dragon Age

A Dragon Age game which we teased at The Game Awards 2018. I can't go into much detail about my work on this project since it has yet to be released!

I acted as a gameplay programmer and worked primarily in C++, with some C# for editor tools. My duties included:

  • Performing analysis and requirement gathering for improvements to existing gameplay systems.
  • Writing utility scripts in Python to ease designer workflows.
  • Integrating our game engine to a newer version.
  • Ownership of several major gameplay systems, which entailed maintenance, planning, and development of new features, as well as support for the systems' users.

I also pitched, designed, and implemented a new gameplay system from scratch, which was a great opportunity to sharpen my gameplay programming skills. With this work, I:

  • Designed a system to reduce code duplication and iteration time, while also giving designers more control over gameplay.
  • Regularly gathered feedack from designers and programmers to ensure that the system was flexible and had an efficient workflow.
  • Maintained a clean, well-documented API for easy code maintenance and integration with other systems.


BioWare's 2018 looter shooter featuring a mysterious fantasy/sci-fi world and mech suits with guns.

I only worked on Anthem occasionally when extra help was needed, so my contributions were mainly miscellaneous bug fixes to systems such as gameplay timelines and health/damage. I also contributed some workflow improvements to debugging tools for designers.